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Egg, tomatoes,parmesan, capers, olives, (suggestion: + beef bacon) 18 SR


Labneh Baladi,unrefined olive oil, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes. 18 SR


Cheese,choice of emmental or mimolette. 25 SR


Three Cheese,olive paste, rockets, emmental, mimolette, mozzarella, tomatoes. 28 SR


Smoked Beef,natural (without phospate) 22 SR


Smoked Beef & Cheese,choice of emmental or mimolette. 25 SR


Pastrami,spicy beef brisket, pickles. 25 SR


Beef Bacon,thin and crispy strips. 20 SR


Roast Bacon,pink beef loaf. 28 SR


Lina’s Club,beef ham, cheese, turkey, beef bacon 33 SR


Smoked Turkey,cooked filet in stock (suggestion: mimolette) 22 SR


Fresh Turkey Breast,marinated in mustard. 33 SR


Oriental Chicken,marinated chicken breast, pickles. 25 SR


Tuna Rockets,lina’s recipe. 20 SR


Pan Bagnat,mixed lettuce, tuna, tomatoes, olives, eggs, without chips. 24 SR


Smoked Salmon, hand cut, cream cheese dressing. 35 SR


Shrimps,avocado, cocktail dressing. 42 SR


Crab,avocado paste, cocktail dressing. 35 SR

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