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Salad & Soups


Basket of Crudites ,generous assortment of fresh crudites, cocktail dressing. 15 SR


Mesclun,balsamic dressing. 20 SR


All Green,mixed lettuce, rockets, parsley, French beans, radishes. 29 SR


Green,rocket, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, thyme. 28 SR


Rocket,fresh mushrooms, parmesan. 32 SR


Pastrami,mixed lettuce, rockets, capers, cherry tomatoes. 35 SR


Hot Goat Cheese,, mixed lettuce, tomatoes, paprika, and goat cheese on grilled, square bread. 40 SR


Chef,mixed lettuce, carrots, corn, tomatoes, cheese + choice of turkey or beef. 42 SR


Turkey Breast,mixed lettuce, French beans, parmesan. 48 SR


Roast Beef,mixed lettuce, rocket, grilled pine nuts. 39 SR


Avocado Chicken Breast,mixed lettuce, rocket, parmesan, eggs. 45 SR


Caesar,chicken breast, iceberg, parmesan, croutons, Caesar dressing. 39 SR


Nicoise,mixed lettuce, tuna, potatoes, eggs, French beans, olives, tomatoes. 40 SR


Crab Sticks,mixed lettuce, avocado, pineapple. 50 SR


Avocado Sea Food,mixed lettuce, rocket, mash, avocado, shrimps crab sticks, fish fillet. 45 SR


Smoked Salmon,mixed lettuce, lemon, capers. 42 SR


Fish Fillet,rockets, green thyme, parsley, pine seeds, sumac. 35 SR


Lina’s Soups,market vegetables, according to the season. 20 SR


Tzaziki,yoghurt, cucumbers, fresh mint. 13 SR

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