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Halloumi,olive paste, avocado, with chips. 32 SR


Three Cheese Panini,olive paste, avocado paste, rockets, emmental, mimolete, mozzarella, tomatoes. 30 SR


Salami Parmesan,mustard, rockets, tomatoes, pickles with chips. 28 SR
Made to Measure


Tuna Lite, white tuna (in water) with balsamic vinegar. (200 Calories) 30 SR


Fresh Turkey Breast Lite,, lettuce, cooked fresh breast, sour cream and mayo lite.(260 Calories.) 30 SR


Meat Steak Lite,lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and mayo lite. (324 Calories.) 30 SR
Kids Meals


Junior Sandwich,choice of tuna, smoked turkey, smoked beef, cheese emmental, labneh 15 SR


Junior Burger,home made recipe, lettuce, pickles, tomato, lina’s sauce with French fries. 17 SR


Junior Chicken Burger,home made recipe, coleslaw, pickles, tomato, lina’s garlic sauce with French fries. 17 SR


Chicken Nuggets,with French fries & ketchup. 17 SR


French Fries Plate,Delicious and Crisp sticks of potatoes with ketchup 9 SR

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