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Fresh Exotic Fruits,home recipe. 28 SR


Lina’s Cheese Cake,red fruits 25 SR


Apple Crumble,pie crust, apples, cinnamon, vanilla ice cream. 18 SR


Tart of the Day,with fruits, seasonal 15 SR


Chocolate Tart Chocolate Tart 15 SR


Brownie,dark chocolate, a must! 18 SR


Chocolate BiscuitChocolate Biscuit 18 SR


Muffin Vanilla Muffin Vanilla 12 SR


Muffin chocolateMuffin chocolate 5 SR


Croque-Tine,complete bread, chocolate, almonds, bananas 20 SR


Pleasure Croque,complete bread, caramel milk, bananas, ginger, and cinnamon 20 SR


Profiteroles,Choux Pastry, with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce 22 SR


American Cake,with vanilla ice cream scoop and chocolate sauce 22 SR


Chocolate Crepe Souffle,with banana, hazelnut and vanilla ice cream scoop 22 SR


White Sable, 245 caloriesWhite Sable, 245 calories 15 SR


Chocolate Sable, 260 calories Chocolate Sable, 260 calories 15 SR


Ice Cream,choice of 4 ice cream scoops 20 SR


Chocolate Mou,chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, silvered almonds. 20 SR


Vanilla Cup,chocolate sauce with “brownie crumbs” 20 SR


Banana Split,3 ice cream scoops, whipped cream, chocolate sauce 20 SR


Permesan Biscuit,olive paste, tomatoes, basil. 25 SR

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