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Lina‘s Quality

Lina‘s especially focuses on the quality of the products. First choice ingredients are selected and tasted among the best suppliers. Once listed, our partners are regularly controlled on quality and hygiene criteria’s.

Our recipes are elaborated with great concern about freshness and products are delivered the very morning of consumption at the Lina‘s restaurants.

Our staff is trained to respect all norms. The preparation of recipes is undertaken under strict hygiene rules, regularly checked by the well known institute Pasteur of Lille.


Lina‘s servers you state-of-the-art food to savour in the restaurants or to take away, all day long.

-Welcome to a pleasant, enjoyable and comfortable environment, perfect for a tasty pause and a little rest.(proper furniture, music, painting exhibitions ...)
-Elaborates exclusive recipes with the best products of the season.
-Prepares a "made to measure" sandwich if you want to be your own "Chef of the day"
-Listens and serves you quickly

... To have the pleasure to welcome you again.

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